Awesome My Son Sanctuary


Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of ancient Vietnam with a tour of the historic My Son Sanctuary
Witness a captivating performance of a traditional Cham dance – a dance dating as far back as the Champa empire
Admire the glow of the sunset over Central Vietnam’s ancient landscapes on a relaxing Thu Bon River cruise
Listen to fascinating stories and facts about Vietnam’s rich culture and heritage from the tour’s expert guide

What to expect

Join a fun historical adventure from Hoi An to explore Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage site, My Son Sanctuary
Be in awe at the vast historic grounds and ruins of the Champa Kingdonm’s political and religious capital
Experience more of Vietnam’s ancient culture as you watch a fascinating traditional dance performance
During this tour, you will not only learn about Champa culture but also about local lives, the traditional and cultural practices of Vietnamese and Cham, the Vietnam war…

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