Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. Should I book the tours that I like in advance?
A. Yes, it is highly recommended, especially in the peak holiday season to secure best places on board, train, in hotel and its affiliates.
Q. How can I secure my advance booking?
A. We requires 50% of the total amount as deposit or 1 room night at least. The balance will be settled upon your arrival. After receiving it, we proceed all the bookings and send you final confirmation soonest.
Q. How far from the airport to the hotel?
A. 40 kms from Da Nang Int’l Airport. We are just 300metres away from Hoi An Ancient Town.
Q. How much does it cost for the airport transfer service?
A. For your best comfort, our hotel offer private airport pickup service. Please, see here for the transportation price and contact us to pre-arrange the service.
Q. Is there very much noise in the hotel?
A. All rooms have soundproof windows or double glazed doors creating you a very quiet & relaxing stay
Q. Is every room equipped with a private computer and free internet access?
A. Yes, all rooms are artfully equipped & furnished, including a Laptop with free Wifi internet access
Q. Can I leave the luggage at the hotel when I am travelling?
A. Yes, the hotel offer luggage storage service free of charge.
Q. Why should I choose this hotel?
A. Because of its perfect location, elegant boutique design, state-of-art facilities, best restaurant and spa in town and outstanding service
Food and Drink:
Q. What do you serve if I am a vegetarian?
A. In this case, please advise us before so that we can order a vegetarian menu during your trip in Vietnam. Vietnam is famous for Vegetarian foods, tropical fruits. Our restaurants  are willing to serve at your taste.
Q. Are there any restrictions on photography in Vietnam?
A. Yes. Photography in or near military installations, airports or similar locations is prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will have the film, and possibly the camera or camcorder, confiscated and may be arrested.
Q. Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?
A. A qualified yes. However, exporting an arte-fact with cultural significance requires an official licence. Without a licence, anything old is liable to be confiscated at the airport.
Q. How can I take large items home with me – furniture or paintings, for example?
A. We are also registered for export and import activities. We will give you an ‘at cost’ quotation, and arrange for the items to be properly crated and licensed for export.
Q. Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?
A. Yes, plenty in cities and large towns, but not in rural areas. While Internet cafes are commonplace and cheap, our hotels offer you free Wifi service.
Q. I am from the United States. Will I face any hostility because of the war? 
A. You will be surprised by the warmth of your reception. We Vietnamese live in the present and the future – the war is history. We warmly welcome people from all countries and races.
Q. What is the attitude towards drugs in Vietnam?
A. The law is strict in Vietnam. The use of illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden, and dealers and persons caught trafficking, whether Vietnamese or foreigner, face execution. Don`t risk it under any circumstances!

Q. Can I use a credit card to get cash in Vietnam? 
A. Yes, You can withdraw cash at any ATM in big cities such as: Hanoi, Hochiminh city (Saigon), Hue, Hoian, Halong, Haiphong, Danang, Nhatrang, Buon Ma Thuot , Vung tau, Cantho.
Q. Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?
A. Yes, You can pay by credit cards. You can pay at shops and hotels in big cities, commercial centre and tourist sites.
Q. What about travellers’ cheques?
A. Currently, the banks in Vietnam do not accept travellers’ Cheque.
Q. Where can I change my currency for local currency?
A. You can change your currency for local currency at the airport, banks, hotels or jewelery shops. You should prepare some cash in USD and Euros ( 50- 100 domination) for better exchange rates.
Q. What is the payment method for the balance?
A. After paying for deposit, you can settle the balance at our hotel in cash or credit card. Cash (Euros or US dollar) is preferred. 

Q. What is the main difference in the climate of Vietnam and that of my country?
A. Vietnam is both hot and humid. Combined, they make visitors from temperate countries sweat profusely. Drinking plenty of water and good sun protection is essential.
Q. How will medical emergencies be dealt with?
A. You will be immediately taken to the nearest international clinic or hospital for an immediate examination and appropriate treatment according to the terms of your insurance. 
Q. What if I am hospitalised or become incapacitated?
A. If you have supplied us with the details of your insurance, our hotel receptionist will contact the company on your behalf and assist in any way we can.
Q. What should we do about malaria?
A. Malaria happens in the mountainous area. All the hotels in the area have mosquitoes net. We often organise tours to the rural area but there’s no malaria cases. Only local people have risks to this disease.